The Different Types of Flooring

shutterstock_365329922.jpgChoosing what kind of floors your house has in it could be a difficult choice. If you are sick of timber or wall to wall carpeting, then it might be time to create a shift. The sole question is, will you have bamboo, hardwood flooring, or laminate? And should you choose hardwood, what species of timber will you have? Let’s find out.


You probably only think about maple when you are trying to decide what syrup you would like on your pancakes. All the same, maple is a favorite selection for hardwood flooring. The grain pattern is very subtle, permitting it to pair nicely with almost any space which you want to add it to; even in high-traffic areas. That’s the way you know how durable maple really is.


Rosewood also has a stunning grain layout. One of the most distinctive characteristics of rosewood is you may have it come in different colours as radically far apart as yellow and purple. Although rosewood has been used for furniture construction for centuries, it’s only just recently become a favorite material for flooring in homes throughout the nation.


Whenever you’re worried about the durability of your new hardwood flooring , then the choice is clear. In this case, you should pick walnut. That’s as it is one of the most difficult woods on the Janka scale and can endure no matter how much harm it takes.


Although cherry timber used for hardwood floors is not as strong as Brazilian cherry, which does not mean it is not worth the investment. It may make any room more elegant, but the downside is it is somewhat softer and may scratch more easily. You’ll want to remain on top of the refinishing procedure .

Hardwood Flooring Installation and Maintenance

At Charlton Floor Sanding , our commitment to quality installation is clear in all we do, and that is why our clients consistently rate us as one of the best contractors at the region.If you’re ready to talk with someone concerning your hardwood floors project, we want to hear from you! Contact us 020 3151 7953 Or send us a message .

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