Prefinished vs. Site Finished Hardwood Flooring

downloadClients often ask us whether prefinished or unfinished flooring is better. I would typically only recommend website finished floors if you’re trying to match an present website finished floor and are refinishing the entire location. We do not suggest it for boards over 2-1/4″ wide.

There’s a misconception that site finished floors is completely sealed and won’t move. The truth is, wood will shrink and expand with changes in humidity, and gaps in a website finished flooring are a lot more noticeable than prefinished. When website finished flooring shrinks in winter, the openings that develop will decode the finish, which can be particularly the case in wider boards.

Additionally, since the planks at a website finished floor are stuck together by the end that the gaps will develop at the bottom point at the finish that might be every 3- 4 boards. This is called”side bonding” and doesn’t occur in prefinished flooring. In a prefinished flooring the planks are free to shrink individually so you have small gaps between each plank, rather than large gaps randomly throughout your floor.

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