Quick Tips For Wooden Floor Stain Removal

There are few things more annoying when you’ve just set up a new hardwood flooring than to find a blot. While important stains may require the intervention of an expert, we’d like to share with you our Quick Tips for wooden floor stain removal.

Before outlining our quick strategies for wooden floor stain removal, it’s well worth talking just a little bit about blot prevention! In order to help avoid stains in your own strong or engineered wooden floor, ensure your flooring has an appropriate finish because of its location in your home. Lacquered flooring are especially hard wearing but tend to get a little bit of a”glow”, so if you prefer a more natural look, you may opt for an oiled floor. Either way, making it the priority to check that the finish on your floor is in a fantastic state of repair will help you to avoid discoloration that is debatable.

Cleaning is also important in the prevention of staining. It’s crucial that you adopt a thorough and proper regular cleaning regime. Nevertheless, even just a fast vacuum and mopping with a damp mop after a week will help reduce the danger of ingrained discoloration of your floor.

A further tip to help reduce the risk of stains and damage to your floor’s finish is to invest in a really good doormat. A good doormat can help remove the grit, dust and dirt that would otherwise be attracted into your residence, then acting as an abrasive onto your own floor, damaging its surface and allowing stains to have a grip.

All of that said, with the best will in the world, some stains simply can not be avoided, so here’s our fast tips for tackling a few of their most common hardwood flooring stains:

If your floor suffers from a blood stain, from cut finger or a wounded creature, the ideal treatment is chilly water. Try to wash up the stain as soon as possible after it has happened with a soft cloth soaked in cold water. Depending upon the seriousness of the stain, you may have to apply a while, but you’ll find this simple technique works really well.

If a person has spilt alcohol on your hardwood flooring, our quick suggestion for it’s removal would be to use warm water this time, and also to introduce a mild detergent. Again, using a soft cloth, apply a weak solution of mild detergent and you’ll discover that the blot is easily eliminated. This fast tip also works for lipstick and fruit stains on your own hardwood flooring.

If you spill grease or fat in your floor, the best way to tackle it is to cool the dirt quickly using ice (in a bag) to decrease its temperature, allowing it to solidify. Then, use a dull, curved tool to scrape it off.

Anyone with toddlers or tiny children in the house will love this quick tip for wooden floor stain removal. If your little one has got a little too enthusiastic with their crayons, a little dab of toothpaste on a soft cloth should work.

If you’re seeking to eliminate shoe scuffs, our fast tip for this wooden floor stain is to look no further than your child’s pencil case! A rubber or eraser is going to do the trick well.

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